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I Have An Addiction

I’ve been a closet addict for a little while now, and I just can’t hide it any longer. Yes, it’s true, I’m addicted to GTA4. I’ve tried to stay away from the game, I really have. But it just keeps sucking me in. After a full day (and most of an evening) working on websites, […]

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Gaming Nerd Alert!

Okay, I admit it. I’m a game head and have been for many years, nothing to be ashamed of. Back in the day I was addicted to a little game by the name of Team Fortress. I was sniper extraordinaire (still am if you find yourself on the Counterstrike: Source servers). I was and still […]

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Wiiiiiiiii ?

Seth’s Blog: Nintendo forgot to read my post This has just staggered me so much I’m speechless, so I’ll instead quote the words of the always articulate Seth Godin… I’m sure there are ten good reasons to choose this name. I can’t think of one of them. What the hell were Nintendo thinking? Go to […]

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Is next gen finally coming?

IGN: Indiana Jones: Whipping the Industry Forward? I remember watching those tech demos of Half Life 2 and salivating with the possibilities of what the phsyics engine could do. I was quite simply awestruck. This is like that moment all over again. Please go and read the article, what I read was nothing short of […]

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