Curse You Ed Dale!

So yesterday I wrote a post explaining my reasoning for not going to the Undies Conference in San Diego. Pretty straight forward. And then today Ed goes and releases a video about what’s going to happen at the A/V conference. The A/V conference runs for 2 days and is happening straight after the Undies con. Oh man, how cool does this thing sound? I was salivating just listening to him (happens all the time, Ed does have an alluring tone to his voice). The A/V conference sounds like it was tailor made just for me, like Ed and Frank sat down one day and said to each other, “Now, what kind of conference should we make for Nez?”

Don’t go looking for the video unless you’re an Ultra, as so far only Ultras have been told about it. That also means I can’t divulge any info here, as it’s not my show (even it was made just for me). But keep an eye out, it sounds like the coolest thing ever. If you want to get in on the ground floor of the future in marketing on the internet, then this conference looks to be the goods. Just remember the little people (me) that helped you along the way to your millions. Of course, I’ll have millions myself by then, but a little kick back here and there is always welcome.

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