Google Trends Is Watching

Forget Big Brother (at least the T.V version), a new all seeing eye is out there and his name is Google. The great thing about this though, is that as a marketer you can tap into this data that Google is collecting and use it for for own needs. An article was put in front of me by a fellow Ultra Underachiever all about Google Trends. It’s a very good article, and one which I hope will have people start to realise the scope of what Google Trends offers.

A few weeks ago, Google took a big step toward changing things — toward
making the database of intentions visible to the world — by creating a
product called Google Trends. It allows you to check the relative
popularity of any search term, to look at how it has changed over the
last couple years and to see the cities where the term is most popular.
And it’s totally addictive.

I’m using this tool every day now, and you should be too.

The Internet Knows What You’ll Do Next, by David Leonhardt

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