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Get The Edge…

Well, you’ve seen me rabbiting on about Dan Raine and his Immediate Edge program for a while now. It’s the main reason I’ve been so quiet on the blog here. I’ve been working my backside off putting all of the things Dan’s been teaching me into practice, and man is it paying off. It’s become […]

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What Did Your Week Bring?

If you’re like me, your week consisted of an increase in both affiliate sales and free, organic traffic to a few of your sites.  If that’s not what your week consisted of, then I guess you haven’t signed up to The Immediate Edge yet. I’m not saying this to gloat either, just to drive in […]

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Thong-A-Thon 2006

Well, Dan Raine’s 15k Challenge is now over. Was it a success? Hell yes! Did he make the 15k in 30 days? Not quite, but that was never really the point. From a standing start, Dan has gone from nothing at all to a total of $12,565.81 How could anyone possibly think that equates to […]

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The Art Of Refunds

Dan has posted on his 15K Challenge blog that he’s just had his first refund. I’m amazed by that, but also pretty happy for him. More importantly though, he gives a really good rundown about the nature of refunds, and why they are important to your business. It’s good stuff, so go and have a […]

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