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Beechworth 2008 – The Week The Game Changed

So, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve just spent the week at Beechworth. I don’t think I could do justice to the experience by trying to detail it all here. And of course, there’s quite a bit I can’t detail here anyway, as people paid a handsome sum to attend and that knowledge needs to stay indoors.

What I can tell you is what I’ve taken away from the event on a personal level. When I break it down, it all really fits into 3 areas: Community, Knowledge, and Savvy


More than any other event, internet marketing or otherwise, I met and became friends with so many people this week it’s incredible. And that’s taking into consideration the fact that there was only around 30 people in attendance. I won’t rattle off a list of names here either, as I would no doubt forget someone and that would not be cool. The reason that meeting so many people this time around is doubly important for me though, is that everyone I met is actually doing things online rather than just talking about it.

You go to these conferences (not that this was like ANY conference I’d been to before), and you do meet people. Genuinely nice people most of the time, but the common denominator most of the time is that none of them are taking action. The Beechworth crowd are a group taking action. In some cases massive action. Fantastic to be around. By the way, the link to the Beechworth crowd isn’t everybody I met during the week, there were heaps more people.


Of course you know we had Ed and Dan present during the week. They each have their own style and their own brand of presenting. What they did do the same though, was deliver absolute top shelf content. If you were around for the Ustream show on the first day of the conference you got a taste of what Ed was doing. Just brilliant. Dan on the other hand, wowed us in a completely different way. His content was also nothing short of brilliant, but you won’t be hearing about it on this site. I’m not deliberately trying to build it up either, it’s just a simple case of not being able to share. Just wouldn’t be fair to those that attended.

Another huge highlight for me was Rob Somerville’s presentation. It was a real gamechanger for me. Rob really did a fantastic job, and has just opened my eyes up to where I’d been going wrong. Well, not wrong exactly, just not as refined as I should have been. So thanks Rob. By the way, if you’re an Immediate Edge member, Rob’s presentation will be available to members in the next week or so. If you’re not a member right now, it might be a very good time to consider it. There are some very big things coming to the Immediate Edge this year, and if you’re an experienced online marketer there are things coming that will rock your socks off.

There were 2 other presenters at Beechworth, Marc Lindsay, who I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to much, and Pete Williams who is just the coolest dude ever.

Marc gave us a presentation on his service PLR Pro . Now, I’ve been a member of a few PLR services in my time, and I ended up quitting my subscription on all of them after a while. They just didn’t deliver the goods. Marc’s service does. I’ve signed up already, and I can’t believe the quality I’m seeing. The service caters to groups with a maximum of 200 people, and delivers articles, keywords, top affiliate programs, graphics, etc across 11 niches! That’s right 11 niches. There’s heaps more I could tell you, but go check it out for yourself, PLR Pro

And that leaves us with Pete Williams. His presentation was superb, and has given me a huge insight into the process of publicity and general PR. He’s a terrific guy too, and someone that I’m really glad I connected with. His technique as a poker player is ‘interesting’ but I can’t deny that it seemed to work for him. He took out Ed on our poker night and I think that surprised everybody. If you want to see a bit of fun using some of the techniques from Beechworth, go to Google and do a search for man hunk. You’ll find Pete on the front page of google. Pete runs a terrific blog on marketing too, check it out Preneur Marketing. I should also mention too, that I was one if the winners of Pete’s competition he held while he was overseas. Very cool.


Presenters and attendees alike, it was just fantastic to be around so many sharp people. I’m in this game for the long haul, and spending time with people smarter than me is never a bad idea. Chatting to people, whether at the conference itself, over dinner (Rob Somerville blew my mind at dinner on the first night), or while playing poker and talking trash, there were just so many nuggets that were flying around. I feel like the bar has been raised on the way I literally do everything online, and that can only be a good thing.

Thirty Day Challenge – Reloaded

When I say reloaded I don’t mean completely reloaded though.

I still have my niche(s) to continue working with. My content is growing everyday, the research is not abating, it’s just the actual presence on the web that’s suffering. As you are no doubt aware, Tumblr has freaked out about us and deleted most of our pages.

But here’s the thing. When I first got wind of pages being deleted I started searching. Looking up tumblr in Google coughed up a startingly array of crap. No other word for it, spammy crap. We all have our story about our own pages, and why they should’ve been left alone. But I have to say I’m tempted to side with Tumblr on this. Not the way they went about it necessarily, but at least on principle. Given the number of dodgy pages I came across I can understand the knee jerk reaction in taking us down.

We were all painted with the same brush. Both the good guys with the good content, and the bad guys with the spammy crap. Here’s my simplified version of events.

We were all sheep, and I don’t mean that in a condescending way either, just that we were all doing the same thing at the same time. And all of us sheep were heading in the same direction at the same time. Tumblr (the shepards in this story), were watching us all wander in and mix with the rest of the flock.

But then they noticed a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Then another. Then another. And so it went on. This would have been pretty stressful, and very frustrating. With so many wolves mixed in with the sheep the only solution that made sense and that would have an immediate impact was to euthanise the whole lot. It was done as a way to protect the rest of the flock, and I can understand that.

I can even sum us up in 2 words: Collateral Damage 

It can be argued that they didn’t really care whether you were a wolf or a sheep, but why argue? Move on. Build a bridge. Get over it. Go make some money.

Thirty Day Challenge – Paris Hilton

Before you watch the video, let me just say this…

I’M AN IDIOT!!!  I mention that I found a new niche quite by accident last night after getting stuck into the red wine with friends. I also give you some numbers on key phrases that I found. Here’s the numbers:

 Keyphrase Competition Google Trend
 Phrase 01 11800 235
 Phrase 02  756  285
 Phrase 03  13700  285
 Phrase 04  9880  230

But I missed one last night, which i found today (again quite by accident) Here it is:

 Keyphrase Competition Google Trend
 Phrase 28800 450

But enough about me, here’s the video:


Thirty Day Challenge – Gary Coleman

Just a quick update today. No Thirty Day Challenge update as I haven’t had a chance to to watch today’s stuff yet. Someone did try to trick me with Gary Coleman in the Six Degrees of Separation with Kevin Bacon game. See how I responded.

Thirty Day Challenge – Relax People

Been a few days in between videos, sorry. You know the phrase when it rains it pours? Right now I feel like I’m standing under a waterfall! Anyway, here’s today’s attempt at insightful commentary.