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Is next gen finally coming?

IGN: Indiana Jones: Whipping the Industry Forward?

I remember watching those tech demos of Half Life 2 and salivating with the possibilities of what the phsyics engine could do. I was quite simply awestruck. This is like that moment all over again. Please go and read the article, what I read was nothing short of astounding and really raises the bar of what will be possible in the gaming industry is years to come.

With its upcoming Indiana Jones title, LucasArts may be onto something. Utilizing a run-time animation technology called euphoria, the game is poised to push the limits of what was previously possible. The company that developed the technology, NaturalMotion, has been working for years to hone euphoria to accurately replicate real-world physics such as strength, weight, and momentum with in-game character models. Whereas before, all animations had to be pre-programmed, euphoria allows for reactions and behaviors to occur in real-time — allowing models to react realistically to whatever situation might arise.