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Beechworth 2008 – The Week The Game Changed

So, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve just spent the week at Beechworth. I don’t think I could do justice to the experience by trying to detail it all here. And of course, there’s quite a bit I can’t detail here anyway, as people paid a handsome sum to attend and that knowledge needs to stay indoors.

What I can tell you is what I’ve taken away from the event on a personal level. When I break it down, it all really fits into 3 areas: Community, Knowledge, and Savvy


More than any other event, internet marketing or otherwise, I met and became friends with so many people this week it’s incredible. And that’s taking into consideration the fact that there was only around 30 people in attendance. I won’t rattle off a list of names here either, as I would no doubt forget someone and that would not be cool. The reason that meeting so many people this time around is doubly important for me though, is that everyone I met is actually doing things online rather than just talking about it.

You go to these conferences (not that this was like ANY conference I’d been to before), and you do meet people. Genuinely nice people most of the time, but the common denominator most of the time is that none of them are taking action. The Beechworth crowd are a group taking action. In some cases massive action. Fantastic to be around. By the way, the link to the Beechworth crowd isn’t everybody I met during the week, there were heaps more people.


Of course you know we had Ed and Dan present during the week. They each have their own style and their own brand of presenting. What they did do the same though, was deliver absolute top shelf content. If you were around for the Ustream show on the first day of the conference you got a taste of what Ed was doing. Just brilliant. Dan on the other hand, wowed us in a completely different way. His content was also nothing short of brilliant, but you won’t be hearing about it on this site. I’m not deliberately trying to build it up either, it’s just a simple case of not being able to share. Just wouldn’t be fair to those that attended.

Another huge highlight for me was Rob Somerville’s presentation. It was a real gamechanger for me. Rob really did a fantastic job, and has just opened my eyes up to where I’d been going wrong. Well, not wrong exactly, just not as refined as I should have been. So thanks Rob. By the way, if you’re an Immediate Edge member, Rob’s presentation will be available to members in the next week or so. If you’re not a member right now, it might be a very good time to consider it. There are some very big things coming to the Immediate Edge this year, and if you’re an experienced online marketer there are things coming that will rock your socks off.

There were 2 other presenters at Beechworth, Marc Lindsay, who I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to much, and Pete Williams who is just the coolest dude ever.

Marc gave us a presentation on his service PLR Pro . Now, I’ve been a member of a few PLR services in my time, and I ended up quitting my subscription on all of them after a while. They just didn’t deliver the goods. Marc’s service does. I’ve signed up already, and I can’t believe the quality I’m seeing. The service caters to groups with a maximum of 200 people, and delivers articles, keywords, top affiliate programs, graphics, etc across 11 niches! That’s right 11 niches. There’s heaps more I could tell you, but go check it out for yourself, PLR Pro

And that leaves us with Pete Williams. His presentation was superb, and has given me a huge insight into the process of publicity and general PR. He’s a terrific guy too, and someone that I’m really glad I connected with. His technique as a poker player is ‘interesting’ but I can’t deny that it seemed to work for him. He took out Ed on our poker night and I think that surprised everybody. If you want to see a bit of fun using some of the techniques from Beechworth, go to Google and do a search for man hunk. You’ll find Pete on the front page of google. Pete runs a terrific blog on marketing too, check it out Preneur Marketing. I should also mention too, that I was one if the winners of Pete’s competition he held while he was overseas. Very cool.


Presenters and attendees alike, it was just fantastic to be around so many sharp people. I’m in this game for the long haul, and spending time with people smarter than me is never a bad idea. Chatting to people, whether at the conference itself, over dinner (Rob Somerville blew my mind at dinner on the first night), or while playing poker and talking trash, there were just so many nuggets that were flying around. I feel like the bar has been raised on the way I literally do everything online, and that can only be a good thing.

An Internet Business – Ed Dale style

I had already written this post once before I realised I’d made an error. Above you’ll see the photo Ed posted of his diagram for running an internet based business. I love it! It’s the way I plan everything. I also mind map constantly, so paper and I are very close. Like Ed, I’m addicted to technology, but I always rely on good old faithful paper and pen to get my ideas down and to brainstorm. The link to Ed’s original post is at the end of this article.

Ed also mentions the book, Back of the Napkin, and introduces us to the concept of visual thinking. He also talks of other big names in the biz like John Reese, Frank Kern and Gary Halbert, and they all use a pad and paper to brainstorm. I know that for many people the concept won’t be new, but to hear Ed’s take on how he approaches things, and the way he maps out things is pretty cool. Now, the above picture gives you an idea of where Ed is coming from, but only an idea. I had rushed on to write a post explaining all of the cool points about the video Ed made. I even did a few screenshots of bits I really liked.

And here’s where I hit my problem. The video. I effecttively had written a review of the video Ed created about the various aspects of online businesses. However I had watched this video as a member of the Immediate Edge . Ed had actually created seven pages, which he then (using Screenflow) had gone on to explain in great detail. It was brilliant! But I can’t publish a review like this if most of the people reading it haven’t seen the video. So I’m an idiot.

If you want to see the video for yourself you’ll have to obviously join up. A word of warning though, the Immediate Edge is like trying to drink from a waterfall. There is tons of great content there (including Ed’s video and a brand new service which just blows me away), but nobody is going to hold your hand. It’s not for beginners either. If all of this is brand new, just stick with the Thrity Day Challenge for now. If however, you feel ready, then maybe try out the Immediate Edge and see what you think.

UPDATE: Ed has just released the video to the general public. I still recommend the Immediate Edge, but you can now watch the video I was raving about for free. Check it out here: The Video

Get The Edge…

Well, you’ve seen me rabbiting on about Dan Raine and his Immediate Edge program for a while now. It’s the main reason I’ve been so quiet on the blog here. I’ve been working my backside off putting all of the things Dan’s been teaching me into practice, and man is it paying off.

It’s become like a drug. I implement what he teaches, it works flawlessly, I rush out and do it again.

Apply. Rinse. Repeat.  

My online income has tripled since I joined up. It’s just blowing me away. Everytime Dan shows us something new, I go out and try it straight away, and it works perfectly. Not once have I not had success with a new technique since I got started.

My reason for mentioning it again on the blog is simple. Dan has setup an affiliate program for members only and I want to share my link with you. I’m just being honest about it, and I think considering I’ve talked about Dan so much recently, you at least now I’m not trying to sell you on something I don’t believe in. I’m loving Dan’s stuff and it’s taking my online business to places it’s never been.

So if you’re still not a member of the Immediate Edge , now is the time. Click on any link in this post, and sign up today, because if you’re serious about this game you can’t afford not to.

What Did Your Week Bring?

If you’re like me, your week consisted of an increase in both affiliate sales and free, organic traffic to a few of your sites.  If that’s not what your week consisted of, then I guess you haven’t signed up to The Immediate Edge yet. I’m not saying this to gloat either, just to drive in the point about Dan Raine’s The Immediate Edge. If you’re one of the intelligent people that read about Dan’s site here (or anywhere), and joined up, then congratulations and you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t sign up, and your reading this post because you have even a passing interest in internet marketing, then I have just one thing to say to you. Why?

Let me tell you what this post is not.

  1. It is not a post with any form of affiliate link.
  2. It is not a post I wrote because I want to curry favor with Dan Raine
  3. It is not a post that will make me any money
  4. It is not a post that I thought lightly about writing
  5. It is an honest post that I wrote because I want to share the successes that I’m experiencing

I really believe in what Dan is providing. It’s had such a huge impact in my marketing and online results in the last few weeks, that I just can’t help but want to share the euphoria I’m experiencing. That’s all there is to it.

Thanks Dan, truly.

Thong-A-Thon 2006

Well, Dan Raine’s 15k Challenge is now over. Was it a success? Hell yes! Did he make the 15k in 30 days? Not quite, but that was never really the point. From a standing start, Dan has gone from nothing at all to a total of $12,565.81 How could anyone possibly think that equates to failing the task. While it’s true that the elusive 15k didn’t quite materialize, 12k is nothing to sneeze at. So all in all, a pretty sucessful month for Dan, and one I congratulate him for.

Now we get onto more important issues. The pink thong. At some point in time very soon, Dan will will be donning the pink thong, and parade himself around in a manner as yet not disclosed, and upload the historic event to YouTube. Rest assured, as soon as it happens I’ll post the link here. Look out lonelygirl15, your 15 minutes are up, so there’s a new YouTube star on the horizon!