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An Internet Business – Ed Dale style

I had already written this post once before I realised I’d made an error. Above you’ll see the photo Ed posted of his diagram for running an internet based business. I love it! It’s the way I plan everything. I also mind map constantly, so paper and I are very close. Like Ed, I’m addicted to technology, but I always rely on good old faithful paper and pen to get my ideas down and to brainstorm. The link to Ed’s original post is at the end of this article.

Ed also mentions the book, Back of the Napkin, and introduces us to the concept of visual thinking. He also talks of other big names in the biz like John Reese, Frank Kern and Gary Halbert, and they all use a pad and paper to brainstorm. I know that for many people the concept won’t be new, but to hear Ed’s take on how he approaches things, and the way he maps out things is pretty cool. Now, the above picture gives you an idea of where Ed is coming from, but only an idea. I had rushed on to write a post explaining all of the cool points about the video Ed made. I even did a few screenshots of bits I really liked.

And here’s where I hit my problem. The video. I effecttively had written a review of the video Ed created about the various aspects of online businesses. However I had watched this video as a member of the Immediate Edge . Ed had actually created seven pages, which he then (using Screenflow) had gone on to explain in great detail. It was brilliant! But I can’t publish a review like this if most of the people reading it haven’t seen the video. So I’m an idiot.

If you want to see the video for yourself you’ll have to obviously join up. A word of warning though, the Immediate Edge is like trying to drink from a waterfall. There is tons of great content there (including Ed’s video and a brand new service which just blows me away), but nobody is going to hold your hand. It’s not for beginners either. If all of this is brand new, just stick with the Thrity Day Challenge for now. If however, you feel ready, then maybe try out the Immediate Edge and see what you think.

UPDATE: Ed has just released the video to the general public. I still recommend the Immediate Edge, but you can now watch the video I was raving about for free. Check it out here: The Video

For Gary

John Carlton and his blog should already be in your newsreader, and if he’s not, then shame on you.

John has written a very fitting and heartfelt post about Gary Halbert’s passing and you really will do him a disservice if you don’t get over there and read it. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to tell you about Gary, and when you read the post you’ll immediately understand why. I shed a few tears reading it, as will you.

For Gary

Another Marketing Guru Gone

I very sadly want to report that Gary Halbert has passed away. John Reese has posted today on the Warrior Forum to let people know.

I’m proud owner of a fair bit of Gary’s stuff, and I always loved his ‘take no prisoners’ approach to copywriting and his ‘tell it like it is’ attitude.

I’m not going to link to the post John made, or to any of Gary’s sites. I feel that would be a tasteless thing to do. Google him if want to know more about him. A legend of the internet marketing and copywriting world is gone, and you owe it to yourself to find out just how good he was.