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For Gary

John Carlton and his blog should already be in your newsreader, and if he’s not, then shame on you. John has written a very fitting and heartfelt post about Gary Halbert’s passing and you really will do him a disservice if you don’t get over there and read it. I can’t think of anyone more […]

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One More Sleep!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and heading down to Melbourne to see Ed Dale and Frank Kern at a conference. I’m pretty damn excited about it for a few reasons. Rather than drown everyone in hyperbole and effusive language, I’ll just list out my reasons instead. I get to see […]

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Why You Should Visit Australia In December

I’m a very excited boy right now! In early December messieurs Ed Dale and Frank Kern are running a conference. And hot damn if this isn’t a great opportunity for all of you Undies out there (you know who you are). Don’t take from me, hear it from the man himslef, Ed Dale: I just […]

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