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For Gary

John Carlton and his blog should already be in your newsreader, and if he’s not, then shame on you.

John has written a very fitting and heartfelt post about Gary Halbert’s passing and you really will do him a disservice if you don’t get over there and read it. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to tell you about Gary, and when you read the post you’ll immediately understand why. I shed a few tears reading it, as will you.

For Gary

One More Sleep!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and heading down to Melbourne to see Ed Dale and Frank Kern at a conference. I’m pretty damn excited about it for a few reasons. Rather than drown everyone in hyperbole and effusive language, I’ll just list out my reasons instead.

  1. I get to see Ed and Frank on stage again. These guys are funny and they REALLY know their stuff!
  2. I get to see John Carlton for the first time. He’s a god of the copywriting world and I need all the help I can get.
  3. I basically get to go for free. I was a winner in last years 30 Day Challenge and get my flights, one night’s accommodation, and ticket to the conference for free. Boo Yah!
  4. I get to finally meet face to face with the many people I’ve gotten to know in this community. Very excited about this one.
  5. I get to visit Melbourne again. Being originally from Melbourne, it’s always nice to come to town and hang out.
  6. Ed and Frank will be hitting people over the head with all things web 2.0 I’m pretty tech savvy, but you can never know enough.
  7. Networking, networking and networking.

So there you go, nice and straight forward. The weekend will be a blast, I plan on learning heaps, and having as much fun as I possibly can at the same time. God Bless the internet!

Why You Should Visit Australia In December

I’m a very excited boy right now! In early December messieurs Ed Dale and Frank Kern are running a conference. And hot damn if this isn’t a great opportunity for all of you Undies out there (you know who you are). Don’t take from me, hear it from the man himslef, Ed Dale:

I just did some checking on expedia – did you know you
could fly out of los angeles on the 28th stay at an amazing melbourne
hotel and leave on the 6th back home for 2400
bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your prepared to stay at servicable ,
2 mins from the conference venue non-fancypants place $1950!!!!!!!!!!!

This is insane – You can come to the melbourne conference for FREE
and see John Carlton, Frank Kern and I TEACH for two days as well as
get the Melbourne VIP treatment – including a special dinner hosted by

This is going to be a very different conference to San Diego Frank,
John and I are the only speakers, we will be doing behind the scenes of
the mega launches, talking serious turkey about web 2.0, Buying and
selling web sites, hard core copywriting and in an undies first – hot
seats – I know for a fact for a teaching conference in the US with us
at it would cost at least two grand! And you would have travel and
accomadation on top!!!!!

So why not take a tax deduction holiday here and get an incredible
conference to boot and get shown around my home town (and Franks
favourite place in the word outside of La Jolla) – i really had not
thought about this till i just jumped on expedia for kicks

And of course when you see how fantastic and cheap the food is you will go nuts