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What Did Your Week Bring?

If you’re like me, your week consisted of an increase in both affiliate sales and free, organic traffic to a few of your sites.  If that’s not what your week consisted of, then I guess you haven’t signed up to The Immediate Edge yet. I’m not saying this to gloat either, just to drive in the point about Dan Raine’s The Immediate Edge. If you’re one of the intelligent people that read about Dan’s site here (or anywhere), and joined up, then congratulations and you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t sign up, and your reading this post because you have even a passing interest in internet marketing, then I have just one thing to say to you. Why?

Let me tell you what this post is not.

  1. It is not a post with any form of affiliate link.
  2. It is not a post I wrote because I want to curry favor with Dan Raine
  3. It is not a post that will make me any money
  4. It is not a post that I thought lightly about writing
  5. It is an honest post that I wrote because I want to share the successes that I’m experiencing

I really believe in what Dan is providing. It’s had such a huge impact in my marketing and online results in the last few weeks, that I just can’t help but want to share the euphoria I’m experiencing. That’s all there is to it.

Thanks Dan, truly.

The Sad Truth

Whenever anybody in the marketing arena tries something new, there are always those who come out and say anything negative that pops into their heads. Dan Raine’s current project is a very good and current example. Dan is trying to pull off an amazing thing in attempting to make 15k in 30 days off a brand new product. Pretty gutsy stuff.

Now of course Dan will try to convert visitors to his site into a list. Any marketer with half a brain would do the same. Does that mean that the whole thing is just a stunt to build a list? Of course not. What Dan is doing is a very real and very intelligent project that I for one would like to know as much as possible about. I signed up, and I’m very glad that I did. At the end of the month I’ll stay signed up as I like what Dan has to say and I like the Dan says it.

As far as I know this is a unique thing Dan is doing. Bite the bullet, go check it out. If being on a list scares you so much, just stay on for the 30 days and unsubscribe afterwards. I’m loving what Dan is doing so far (except partying with other marketers, that just isn’t fair, and look where it got him last time), and I’m already putting some of what I’ve learnt into practice. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out after 30 days, and if you’re serious about internet marketing, you should be watching too. The ramifications of some of what Dan is doing is huge.

We’re Off And Running

Well not me exactly, but Dan Raine sure is. Dan’s 15k Challenge is sure off and running, and I have to tell you he’s one smart cookie. The best part is that Dan has laid his whole plan out there for everyone to see. From product choice decision making, to price point reasoning, to how he’ll market things. And the challenge is only a few days old!

If what I’ve seen so far is any indication, this is something you really should check out. I’m really enjoying Dan’s approach, and I’ve already learned a couple of new techniques that I’m applying on my own sites\products.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, as well as what Dan is up to with his challenge. I can’t really tell you too much about what Dan’s doing though, it is his show after all. Do yourself a favor and go and check it out for yourself. It won’t cost you a penny and I just know that you’ll learn something from it.

The $15,000 Challenge

Now here’s something you’d be mad to miss out on. Dan Raine is facing a challenge to make 15k in 30 days. He’ll video the whole process for all to see, and the best part is that anyone who signs up to his list gets the chance to win the site at the end of challenge. Very cool!

So go sign up…  you everything to gain and nothing to lose. The opportunity to watch over someone’s (and a successful someone I might add) shoulder while they go through the process doesn’t come along every day. Take advantage of what Dan is offering. I know I will.

“Cheers!” To Niche Marketing

Now here’s niche marketing in action! Given that this blog concerns itself with niche marketing, it makes sense to sometimes talk about real world niche products (did that sound convincing?) Yes, most normal people will head off to the store, buy a six-pack, then kick back and enjoy themselves. But that’s not the point here is it? As a marketer who’s targeting niches, this is a great real world example. People who go to the trouble of brewing their own beer, are irrationally passionate, they have and are willing to spend money, and will just happily buy stuff that supports their habit. Can’t do better than that.

Beer Machine 2000 : World’s best brewing system

The best Beer Machine has arrived! The Beer Machine 2000 is a beer-brewing revolution in a box. Easy to use, quick to brew, and just plain amazing at producing dozens of “better than your microbrew” beers. You simply cannot get your beer any fresher- to do so, you’d have to crawl inside a fermentation tank.Start brewing your own beer.