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What Did Your Week Bring?

If you’re like me, your week consisted of an increase in both affiliate sales and free, organic traffic to a few of your sites.  If that’s not what your week consisted of, then I guess you haven’t signed up to The Immediate Edge yet. I’m not saying this to gloat either, just to drive in […]

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The Sad Truth

Whenever anybody in the marketing arena tries something new, there are always those who come out and say anything negative that pops into their heads. Dan Raine’s current project is a very good and current example. Dan is trying to pull off an amazing thing in attempting to make 15k in 30 days off a […]

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We’re Off And Running

Well not me exactly, but Dan Raine sure is. Dan’s 15k Challenge is sure off and running, and I have to tell you he’s one smart cookie. The best part is that Dan has laid his whole plan out there for everyone to see. From product choice decision making, to price point reasoning, to how […]

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The $15,000 Challenge

Now here’s something you’d be mad to miss out on. Dan Raine is facing a challenge to make 15k in 30 days. He’ll video the whole process for all to see, and the best part is that anyone who signs up to his list gets the chance to win the site at the end of […]

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