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WordPress or Joomla?

I’m right in the middle of setting up a new site that will feature a blog as well as a few extra features I need given the nature of the market I’m getting into. I’m pretty damn good at WordPress these days, but the extra features I’m wanting to add are just not WordPress style things. Or even blogging style things at all for that matter.

I’ve also set up a few Joomla sites as well, but never really thought of it as a blogging tool. Joomla has absolutely everything I need to do all of the fancy things I need my site to do, but has left me cold when it came to blogging.

Well all that has changed. I’ve now realised a Joomla site can suit my blogging needs just as well as WordPress can, and in some ways even better. Now, there is a component for Joomla called OpenWP that plugs itself into Joomla and becomes a WordPress blog for you. I’ve read about many happy users who’ve installed and loved it. I didn’t like it and found it a little clunky. I wanted a nice clean install of Joomla that did my blogging without forcing anything.

I found a Joomla Blog at Compass Design that in a nutshell explains what’s vitally important in a blog and the ways Joomla can deliver.

For me there were 9 key things I wanted from my blog:

  • Flexible layout
  • Search Engine Optimized Titles
  • A robust and good looking comment system
  • Tags, like Digg, etc
  • A solid RSS which could service categories
  • Ability to have an RSS feed be automatically emailed to people
  • Categories in Sidebar
  • “Chicklets”
  • Trackbacks and Pings

Out of these 9 things only Trackbacks are an issue right now (if you want to know about trackbacks Ed Dale is your man). I’m sure trackbacks will make their debut on Joomla any day now so I’m not stressing too much over that one. Aside from that, Joomla can do everything I need it to do in spades.
If you’re looking for a serious solution that can handle your blogging as well as just about anything else you can think of, then Joomla really is worth a look. It takes longer to set up as a blog, and there is a learning curve involved, but it just does so much out of the box, and there are so many ways to modify and add to it it’s rediculous.

Google Trends Is Watching

Forget Big Brother (at least the T.V version), a new all seeing eye is out there and his name is Google. The great thing about this though, is that as a marketer you can tap into this data that Google is collecting and use it for for own needs. An article was put in front of me by a fellow Ultra Underachiever all about Google Trends. It’s a very good article, and one which I hope will have people start to realise the scope of what Google Trends offers.

A few weeks ago, Google took a big step toward changing things — toward
making the database of intentions visible to the world — by creating a
product called Google Trends. It allows you to check the relative
popularity of any search term, to look at how it has changed over the
last couple years and to see the cities where the term is most popular.
And it’s totally addictive.

I’m using this tool every day now, and you should be too.

The Internet Knows What You’ll Do Next, by David Leonhardt