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Why Credit Cards Are Evil

Seth Godin’s blog is a frequent place on the web that I visit. Whatever commentary he’s providing is always insightful, and always right.  He wrote an article recently about the state of personal finance, and where we must fit as marketers and what our own actions should be. Brilliant!

In my very first foray into the internet marketing world, I put down over $30k Australian dollars (which is like a bigillion US dollars) and bought the rights to a piece of software that let me write my own software. Plus have a back catalog of software I had resale rights to. It mostly tanked. What did work for me though was the first bit of software I wrote myself. It was a budget planner that I’d carefully designed so it was incredibly simple to use.

It sold like gangbusters and I thought that this internet marketing game was pretty damn good. After about a year or so, sales really started to go south, so I surveyed my list. I asked a few simple questions, things like how they found the software, had it worked for them, blah blah blah.

Now here’s the thing that blew me away, most of them had never actually used it. They knew they had a problem, bought a stop gap measure to fix it (my software), but changed none of their habits and got further into debt.

I was eventually squeezed out of the market by the big lenders who often gave out free budget planners on their sites, while enticing you to get yet another credit card. Now, that was over 3 years ago and things have gotten so much worse. I won’t give you boring figures, but please just look at the graph below from Seth’s site.

So please, the next time you get an email from a number of marketers, all telling you about some great exclusive offer, make sure you can actually afford it. Don’t look ahead at the dollars you might make from it, look at the dollars you have now.

You might think, “who’s he to talk, he spent 30 grand on something that tanked”. Well that might be true, but the difference is that I invested in a business. It was something that could be made into an asset, and as we know assets rule. Plus, if I’d never taken that first plunge I wouldn’t be where I am today. So there.

Ed Dale Loves Dudes!

Listening to Ed Dale talk about all things Web 2.0 today, got me thinking a bit about where I’ve been going to on the net to keep up to date myself. Out of all the blogs I read, tech sites I visit, and forums I frequent (I don’t post Frank, just visit), I realised what source I actually got most of my current apps I use from.
Seth Godin, who long time readers will know I revere like no other, has a Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List at Alexaholic. He hasn’t had it updated since August this year, but if you go check it out and have a look through what’s there, you’ll simply be amazed. I lost a whole day with this site a few months back, but damn if I didn’t find a LOT of useful tools and apps here. Go check it out, but only when you have a few hours to kill, you won’t regret it.

Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List

Watch This Space

If you’ve been following my semi-coherent ramblings for any length of time, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. Also, if you’ve been in the internet marketing game for any length of time you’ll be more than familiar with Alexa rankings. Well let me give you the best of both worlds. Seth has set up a Traffic Watch List on Alexa. What makes this list different is this list is all about sites that encourage collaboration and social networking. In Seth’s words…

For our purposes, my definition is that most of these companies are, as the wikipedia

says, sites that “let people collaborate and share information online

in a new way.” So, Google doesn’t make the cut, because most of their

traffic comes to their search engine. eBay is an “old” company, but the

many-to-many nature of the site means that they do.

Go have a look and I’ll guarantee you’ll bookmark this one.

Wiiiiiiiii ?

Seth’s Blog: Nintendo forgot to read my post

This has just staggered me so much I’m speechless, so I’ll instead quote the words of the always articulate Seth Godin…

I’m sure there are ten good reasons to choose this name. I can’t think of one of them.

What the hell were Nintendo thinking? Go to google and type in nintendo, revolution, and wii. You’ll very quickly get the overwhelming feeling that no-one likes this name. Tragic.