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One More Sleep!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and heading down to Melbourne to see Ed Dale and Frank Kern at a conference. I’m pretty damn excited about it for a few reasons. Rather than drown everyone in hyperbole and effusive language, I’ll just list out my reasons instead. I get to see […]

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Curse You Ed Dale!

So yesterday I wrote a post explaining my reasoning for not going to the Undies Conference in San Diego. Pretty straight forward. And then today Ed goes and releases a video about what’s going to happen at the A/V conference. The A/V conference runs for 2 days and is happening straight after the Undies con. […]

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Google Trends Is Watching

Forget Big Brother (at least the T.V version), a new all seeing eye is out there and his name is Google. The great thing about this though, is that as a marketer you can tap into this data that Google is collecting and use it for for own needs. An article was put in front […]

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Truly A Kodak Moment!

Well, for those of you that haven’t yet gone over to the 30 Day Challenge site and gotten started on your Internet Marketing Empire, ’shame on you!’ The 30 Day Challenge II (what I shall now call 30DCII from now on) is off to a great start. The resources are coming in thick and fast, […]

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