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Curse You Ed Dale!

So yesterday I wrote a post explaining my reasoning for not going to the Undies Conference in San Diego. Pretty straight forward. And then today Ed goes and releases a video about what’s going to happen at the A/V conference. The A/V conference runs for 2 days and is happening straight after the Undies con. Oh man, how cool does this thing sound? I was salivating just listening to him (happens all the time, Ed does have an alluring tone to his voice). The A/V conference sounds like it was tailor made just for me, like Ed and Frank sat down one day and said to each other, “Now, what kind of conference should we make for Nez?”

Don’t go looking for the video unless you’re an Ultra, as so far only Ultras have been told about it. That also means I can’t divulge any info here, as it’s not my show (even it was made just for me). But keep an eye out, it sounds like the coolest thing ever. If you want to get in on the ground floor of the future in marketing on the internet, then this conference looks to be the goods. Just remember the little people (me) that helped you along the way to your millions. Of course, I’ll have millions myself by then, but a little kick back here and there is always welcome.

Google Trends Is Watching

Forget Big Brother (at least the T.V version), a new all seeing eye is out there and his name is Google. The great thing about this though, is that as a marketer you can tap into this data that Google is collecting and use it for for own needs. An article was put in front of me by a fellow Ultra Underachiever all about Google Trends. It’s a very good article, and one which I hope will have people start to realise the scope of what Google Trends offers.

A few weeks ago, Google took a big step toward changing things — toward
making the database of intentions visible to the world — by creating a
product called Google Trends. It allows you to check the relative
popularity of any search term, to look at how it has changed over the
last couple years and to see the cities where the term is most popular.
And it’s totally addictive.

I’m using this tool every day now, and you should be too.

The Internet Knows What You’ll Do Next, by David Leonhardt

Truly A Kodak Moment!

Well, for those of you that haven’t yet gone over to the 30 Day Challenge site and gotten started on your Internet Marketing Empire, ’shame on you!’

The 30 Day Challenge II (what I shall now call 30DCII from now on) is off to a great start. The resources are coming in thick and fast, and there is some truly fantastic people on this forum already standing out from the crowd.

What I want to share with you today though is a little more personal. You see, each day of 30DCII, Ed and Frank are running competitions, with the winner of each day receiving a prize from ‘The Technology Cupboard Of Joy’. I’ve fantasized about what might be in that cupboard, let me tell you. Well, today I found out I was lucky enough to be the winner of day 2. Pretty cool.

What I actually won, was a digital camera of Ed’s. But not just any digital camera, a camera Ed has been using in the past year to record underachiever videos for fellow undies to view on the internet. ‘Oh great’ you may be saying, ‘a 2nd hand camera’. Oh no, it’s much more than that. You see, I was trying to get into this game long before I found the Underachiever way of life. And I was doing squat. Nothing except losing money on guru after guru.

Ed and Frank have changed all that for me. Particularly in the last year, from the original 30 Day Challenge on. I know it all comes down to me to be the one that does something, but these guys have helped me ignore all the white noise and just tune into the right frequency. Since last year’s challenge I’ve continued to learn from them almost daily, and my online business just keeps growing. I’ve had some real world setbacks (as we all do), but nothing can stop me now.

Where does the camera fit into all of this? Well, a lot of Ed’s communication with Undies has been in the form of videos recorded with this camera. And now it’s going to be mine! As I’ve already said on the forum, I feel like I’ve been given the quill that wrote the Magna Carta. Or my preferred analogy, I feel like a young Indiana Jones from The Last Crusade being given the fedora of the wiser, more experienced adventurer.

You might think I sound a bit goofy here, frankly I don’t care. I’m just trying to get across to you how big a deal this for me, in the only way I know how.

Thanks Ed, you’ve made an Undie very happy!