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Did You Know 2.0

Many of you may have already seen the video below. It’s an updated version of a video that did the rounds a while ago. People have disputed some of the statistics, and people have dispiuted other aspects of the video as well (monkeys throwing poo in my opinion).

If you haven’t watched it before, or even if you have, put your internet marketer hat on before you do. There’s a very powerful marketing lesson in this video and you owe it to yourself to see it.

Ed Dale Loves Dudes!

Listening to Ed Dale talk about all things Web 2.0 today, got me thinking a bit about where I’ve been going to on the net to keep up to date myself. Out of all the blogs I read, tech sites I visit, and forums I frequent (I don’t post Frank, just visit), I realised what source I actually got most of my current apps I use from.
Seth Godin, who long time readers will know I revere like no other, has a Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List at Alexaholic. He hasn’t had it updated since August this year, but if you go check it out and have a look through what’s there, you’ll simply be amazed. I lost a whole day with this site a few months back, but damn if I didn’t find a LOT of useful tools and apps here. Go check it out, but only when you have a few hours to kill, you won’t regret it.

Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List

One More Sleep!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and heading down to Melbourne to see Ed Dale and Frank Kern at a conference. I’m pretty damn excited about it for a few reasons. Rather than drown everyone in hyperbole and effusive language, I’ll just list out my reasons instead.

  1. I get to see Ed and Frank on stage again. These guys are funny and they REALLY know their stuff!
  2. I get to see John Carlton for the first time. He’s a god of the copywriting world and I need all the help I can get.
  3. I basically get to go for free. I was a winner in last years 30 Day Challenge and get my flights, one night’s accommodation, and ticket to the conference for free. Boo Yah!
  4. I get to finally meet face to face with the many people I’ve gotten to know in this community. Very excited about this one.
  5. I get to visit Melbourne again. Being originally from Melbourne, it’s always nice to come to town and hang out.
  6. Ed and Frank will be hitting people over the head with all things web 2.0 I’m pretty tech savvy, but you can never know enough.
  7. Networking, networking and networking.

So there you go, nice and straight forward. The weekend will be a blast, I plan on learning heaps, and having as much fun as I possibly can at the same time. God Bless the internet!

Brain Food For The Entrepreneurial

One of my favorite regular vist sites is Springwise. It’s a terrific, and free, site that has a newsletter each month that I actually read. I could explain in my own words what Springwise is and does, but why hear it from me when you can hear straight from the guys who bring it to you.

What is Springwise?

Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures,
ideas and concepts ready for regional or international adaptation,
expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation. Ferociously tracking
more than 400 global offline and online business resources, as well as
taking to the streets of world cities, digital cameras at hand.

To ensure true ‘glocal’ coverage, the central office is in close
contact with more than 8,000 Springspotters in over 70 countries
worldwide. The full colour, monthly Springwise (and related newsletters, to which you can subscribe for free, get sent to more than 210,000 business professionals in more than 120 countries.

So whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, head of a start-up,
management consultant, marketing manager, business development
director, trend watcher, or anyone else interested in creating or
expanding companies, Springwise will instantly inspire you by getting
the world’s most promising young ventures right in front of you. To
check out the most recent newsletter, click here.

Springwise is the first company to compile and send out a newsletter
like this on a global scale, making optimal use of an ever more
networked world. Established in Spring of 2002, Springwise is
headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Who is it for?

Springwise is required brain food for entrepreneurial minds! Whether
you’re a budding entrepreneur, head of a start-up, management
consultant, marketing manager, consumer insights expert, trend watcher,
journalist, private investor, business development director, or venture
capitalist, Springwise will instantly inspire you by getting the
world’s most promising new business ideas and young ventures right in
front of you.