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Did You Know 2.0

Many of you may have already seen the video below. It’s an updated version of a video that did the rounds a while ago. People have disputed some of the statistics, and people have dispiuted other aspects of the video as well (monkeys throwing poo in my opinion). If you haven’t watched it before, or […]

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Ed Dale Loves Dudes!

Listening to Ed Dale talk about all things Web 2.0 today, got me thinking a bit about where I’ve been going to on the net to keep up to date myself. Out of all the blogs I read, tech sites I visit, and forums I frequent (I don’t post Frank, just visit), I realised what […]

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One More Sleep!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and heading down to Melbourne to see Ed Dale and Frank Kern at a conference. I’m pretty damn excited about it for a few reasons. Rather than drown everyone in hyperbole and effusive language, I’ll just list out my reasons instead. I get to see […]

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Brain Food For The Entrepreneurial

One of my favorite regular vist sites is Springwise. It’s a terrific, and free, site that has a newsletter each month that I actually read. I could explain in my own words what Springwise is and does, but why hear it from me when you can hear straight from the guys who bring it to […]

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